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The Alexander Wyssmann Twilight Trio

SONNTAG | 13.00 Uhr - 17.00 Uhr | Bühne Les Amis | Rathausgasse

The Alexander Wyssmann Twilight Trio

The Alexander Wyssmann Twilight Trio was founded in 2006. Our interaction is shaped by Bill Evans’s ideology, each band member enriches the sound, supports the interpretations with ideas and interactions. The soloists are stimulated and put in the right light. We all work to achieve a great sound and create lively interpretations. As in life, the Twilight Trio changes its form from time to time. Currently we are working together again in the original formation.

„Notes“ was recorded in Maison des Artists Chamonix.
Recordings Mix and Mastering by Daniel Kohler.
Fotos by Marianne Wenger
Art design by Samuel Wyssmann.
Alexander Wyssmann Keys
Samuel Kühni E-Bass / Double Bass
Thomas Reist Drums

Das Trio spielt am Sonntag Nachmittag ab 13 Uhr zu jeder vollen Stunde eine ½ Std Set.

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